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Bejo Wonderful Indonesia

PT Bintang Toedjoe (B7), through its superior product Bejo Jahe Merah, hosts the on going Bejo Wonderful Indonesia program, which its activities started in early 2024. This activity is a continuation of the signing of the MoU with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia on July 31 2023. Through this program, Bejo Jahe Merah is now available in many hotels, such as: Borobudur Hotel Kemayoran Jakarta, Lorin Hotel Bogor, Seruni Hotel Puncak Bogor, Ariandri Hotel Puncak Bogor, Grand Wahid Hotel Salatiga, Beringin Hotel Salatiga, Sadewa Hotel Yogyakarta and Bumi Sambara Hotel Magelang. The selection of the hotels as partner for Bejo Jahe Merah aims to expand market coverage, leveraging the tourism ecosystems, which have inspired a new spirit in the Bejo Wonderful Indonesia collaboration. Ojo asal jahe-jahean, ojo kalah sama angin. Bejo Jahe Merah, Ambyar Angine!