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Redgine is a high quality red ginger, which is produced from an ecosystem. The ecosystem was created to ensure sustainability supply and the consistency of our red ginger quality, from upstream to downstream through our traceable and recorded system.
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Redgine Oil
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Redgine Red Ginger Oil has fresh, warm, and citrus aroma. This oil contains zingiberene and can be used in home care products, perfume, and essential oil to provide stimulating and warming effects. 

Increase endurance and maintain health (prevent/treat colds, relieve flatulence/nausea, improve digestion, and warm the body), anti inflammation, analgetic, anti hyperglicemic, plasma lipid lowering, uric acid lowering, wound healing, anti bacterial, male infertility.

Warning & Precaution:
Store in a cool & dry place

1 L

Red Ginger Oil 100%
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