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2.2 MW Solar Panel on site as Renewable Energy

Electrical energy is one of the main sources of life, as it helps us during our daily activities. However, we must also realize that 56% of electrical energy originates from coal Steam Power Plants, which produce emission gas of CO2 that can damage the environment. The government has a strategy to maintain the environment in this country, by utilizing renewable energy and the potential of energy in a region specifically.

PT Bintang Toedjoe has provided a contribution to the nation. One form of this dedication for the country in preserving its land is the utilization of renewable energy, including solar energy. With the vast amount of solar energy in Indonesia, we utilize this with the Solar Panel Innovation that turns the heat energy of sunlight to electrical energy. Undoubtedly, the capacity of PT Bintang Toedjoe solar panel could reach up to 2.2 MW, becoming the largest in Central Cikarang, Bekasi Region.

There are many benefits that we have gained from this Solar Panel Innovation. These include an electrical energy harvest of 2.55 GWH per year, and a contribution to the environment for lowering the CO2 formation up to 2.671 tons or a CO2 decrease from the photosynthesis process of 146,000 trees. This is one of our innovations that we have done for a stronger and growing Indonesia.