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Winning International Award for Packaging Innovation

Packaging is a material that protects the product from physical harms (such as shock, temperature, pressure, etc.) and contaminations (such as dust, steam, chemical substance, etc.). This will allow the product to remain sterile and secure until its expired date. As the time goes by, packaging is also used as a promotional medium to market the product and encourage customers to buy it through innovative features in the packaging, instead of just keeping the product safe.

During this decade, Bintang Toedjoe has conducted an innovation in its product packaging, through thermoforming technology. Bintang Toedjoe has created a tube-shaped packaging known as Thermoforming Pack, which has several benefits as follow:

  1. Self service that becomes the signature of the product compared to others.

  2. Consumer Affluence which provides the product with convenience, reliability and prestige in high quality.

  3. Company and Brand Image which make Bintang Toedjoe recognizable to customers through its innovative packaging.

  4. Innovation Opportunity which provides Bintang Toedjoe with many awards, both locally and internationally, through its developed Thermoforming Pack. 

This is what Bintang Toedjoe can offer for Indonesia.