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B7 Berbagi (B7 Share) : Orphans & Dhuafa Donation in an Assisted Village of Red Ginger Farmer Partner

PT Bintang Toedjoe (B7) once again supports the humanitarian activity for Orphans & Dhuafa donation, which is conducted in an assisted village of red ginger farmer partner in the Trenggalek Regency area, specifically in the Pule District of  East Java. This activity was held on April 3, 2024, at the Trenggalek Regency Government Office, Pule District and was attended by 17 people including the Head of Pule District, Dwi Ratna Widyawati, AP., M.M. and 9 donation recipients.

The event proceeded smoothly and solemnly. The recipients of the donation expressed happiness. The hope is that through B7 Berbagi, we can foster feelings of empathy and social solidarity and that what has been shared will bring blessing and benefits to both B7 and society.

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