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B7 Berbagi (B7 Share) : Semarak Ramadan 2024

PT Bintang Toedjoe (B7) again held the B7 Sharing program, called “B7 Berbagi”, in which B7 visited and distributed donations to the Orphans and Dhuafa Foundation. At B7 Berbagi event this time, donations were distributed to two Orphanage and Dhuafa Foundations, namely : Rumah Harapan Mega Regency and Cifest, both of which are located in the area around B7 Cikarang.

This visit and donation was conducted on April 3, 2024, and was attended by the Semarak Ramadan 2024 Committee as well as fellow B7 representatives who gave tokens of love in the form of cash donations from B7 colleagues worth IDR. 13,200,000,-

B7 realizes that the beauty of sharing kindness is a form of caring for others. Because sharing with others is the best form of being grateful for what we have got. The hope is that with B7 Berbagi program, it can increase the sense of empathy and social solidarity that grows sincerely in the hearts of its employees.

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