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Ideal Water Balance Cycle from Rain Water Harvesting & Recycle Water Management

In conducting the manufacturing industry, the need for water, air, gas, and electricity cannot be avoided, as these components become a part of the product price maker. Furthermore, the excessive use of water, air, gas, and electricity can affect their availability in nature. In order to ensure that the product price is affordable while maintaining environmental sustainability, PT Bintang Toedjoe has conducted various innovations for the effective use of these natural elements. Moreover, because PT Bintang Toedjoe is far from water sources by location, water has become a strategic component in which its effective use must be considered.

In this innovation blog, PT Bintang Toedjoe has conducted several innovation breakthroughs in water management. The first innovation is Rain Water Harvesting, by utilizing rainwater from rooftops that is channeled through a rainwater treatment plant, to make sure that the rainwater is adequate. After confirming its adequacy, the water is transported into a water storage tank before being distributed to cooling towers and boilers. There are around 3,829 m3 of rainwater that can potentially be harvested.

Our second innovation in water management is recycle water, where we reuse water that has been utilized before. The used water will be channeled into wastewater treatment and sewage treatment plant installations. After undergoing the water treatment process and receiving the adequate result, the water will be transported into the pipe installation and will be recycled for non-production needs such as for cooling towers, boilers, and flushing toilets. There are around 2,384 m3 of recycled water that can potentially be harvested every year.

In total, PT Bintang Toedjoe can save its water use for about 6,213 m3 per year, or similar to the water needs of one village with 247 people.