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On January 29, 2024, PT Bintang Toedjoe (B7) Management held an Appreciation Dinner to honor the winners of the TKMPN National Convention, Kalbe Innovation Convention, and Employee of the Year 2023. The event was attended by B7 President Director Mrs. Fanny Kurniati, B7 Director Mrs. Tuti Susilowati, and the entire range of B7 heads.

During the event, Mrs. Fanny invited all participating employees to continue fostering innovation as it is integral to B7's DNA. She expressed the hope that the spirit of innovation would not fade but rather grow, leading to the emergence of new winners. The company also presented appreciation to all winners in the form of precious gold as motivation to further contribute to the company's progress.

It is expected that after this event, all winners will share their stories with colleagues in their respective departments, motivating fellow employees to strive for improvement, innovation, and the title of Employee of the Year in the future."