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Health Talk, Health Screening & Increasing Commitment to GP2SP for Kartini B7

In commemoration of Kartini Day, PT Bintang Toedjoe (B7) held a Health Talk & Health Screening activity in collaboration with the Pulogadung Community Health Center on Thursday, April 25 2024. This event took place in the Green Room, B7 Pulomas. This event was attended by Mr. Yuddy, SKM.  from the Pulogadung Community Health Center and his staff, Mrs. Tuti Sugihastuti - Lurah Kayu Putih and his staff, dr. Bonnie Medana Pahlavie, MKK. representatives of Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Sports in the Public Health Sector of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, Mrs. Rani S. from the East Jakarta City Administration Health Department, Mrs. Dyah Eni S. from the East Jakarta City Administration Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Department, Mrs. Meliana from One Onco, Mrs. Fanny Kurniati – President Director of B7, and Mrs. Lely Setiowati – Head of HRDGAL B7.

This event also included GP2SP Commitment Raising. GP2SP or the Movement for Healthy Productive Women Workers is a program of the Government, society, industry, employers and labor unions to mobilize and participate and to increase awareness and realize efforts to improve the health of workers, especially female workers, thereby increasing work productivity. Realizing the important role of women in today's world of work, B7 took the initiative to support the GP2SP program. Also presented is a brief explanation of GP2SP by Dr. Bonnie. With 100 participants in attendance, B7 committed to actively participating in GP2SP.

"We have superior products specifically for women, namely Femmy, with Femmy Fiber, Femmy Skin and Femmy Estrocal variants. We have factories in 2 (two) locations, namely the Pulogadung site and the Cikarang site. For everyone, including at the Pulomas Head Office, we have work facilities that are friendly to women, namely having a breastfeeding room, providing maternity leave and health check facilities for pregnant female workers, adjusting the type of work for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, as well as health checks such as Sadanis and DNA HPV Test," said Fanny Kurniati, President Director of B7.

"By raising the GP2SP commitment, it is hoped that we will be able to improve the quality of female workers themselves in the Bintang Toedjoe work environment," continued Fanny.

For the Health Talk event, dr. Musliati as a resource person provided insight into the definition, causes, risk factors, symptoms and early detection of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Early detection of breast cancer can be done in 2 (two) ways, namely: Sadari (Self Breast Examination) and Sadanis (Clinical Breast Examination). This aims to find lumps and other signs in the breast as early as possible so that immediate action can be taken. Meanwhile, screening methods and early detection of Cervical Cancer can be done in 3 (three) ways, namely: IVA Test (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid), which is a very simple, easy, cheap, affordable, practical and comfortable screening method; Pap smear, a cytological examination to detect abnormal cervical cells using a microscope by a pathologist; and the HPV DNA test, which requires a specimen collection procedure that is almost the same as a pap smear, but is aimed at detecting the presence of HPV infection. This test is more accurate than the previous two methods.

In this health screening, which was aimed specifically at Kartini, blood pressure and sugar, Sadanis and HPV DNA were checked. This lively event also featured Vitamin C injections provided by KECC and socialization from the One Onco website. Participants showed their enthusiasm by wearing regional dress codes, such as kebaya. Everyone who took part in this event admitted that this event was a positive and very memorable event.